Road to Education

Education around the world

Example Countries:
  1. Germany
  2. Norway
  3. Sweden
  4. Austria
  5. Finland

Where is education free around the world?
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Selective Colleges

Socioeconomic stratification is correlated to possibility of acceptance. Among high school students from 2004, sixty-nine percent of those who enrolled at the “most competitive” institutions were from families in the top socioeconomic quartile, while only 4 percent were from families in the bottom quartile. What is the most important for selective colleges? Is family background a great factor of enrollment at those institutions? How can an ordinary student get into those schools?
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National College Tuition

As of 2017, college tuition is a lot of money. But to make it even harder, schools add an extra charge for being a resident of a different state. This is not allowing everyone to have an equal chance to attend the university they want, which is preventing them to get access to education, or the education they want to receive.
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